Open source software

Open Source software rocks. Because there is no profit motive behind open source programs, they are often made with altruistic aims. From little browser add-ons to protect yourself and others advertising like AdBlock to entire operating systems like Ubuntu, open source software has every base covered.

Open source has made computing fun again and brought colour back into my computing life! Big thanks to ‘Ninja’ at and everyone else making and using open source software – we’re rebuilding computing around altruistic, not greedy, aims.

For what it’s worth, here are links to my favourite open source sources:

  • – community hub for finding, reviewing and downloading open source software
  • Ubuntu – free linux operating system that is way ahead of Microsoft’s clunky versions
  • Adblock – get rid of that commercial crap
  • – find open source alternatives
  • Sage – insanely powerful maths program to take on the world
  • OSGeo – the open source geospatial foundation

One Response to “Open source software”

  1. Ninja Says:

    Cheers Robin =]

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