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Istanbul, energy transitions, and Thessaloniki

October 11, 2010

16 students from 7 different countries together for 7 days, national energy policies in the era of resource depletion, and a city that crosses two continents. All this built around a single conference: energy efficiency through the eyes of the younger generation, department of Energy Systems Engineering, Yalova University. This post is about the trip – my impressions of Turkey, discussions of energy policy, and finally Thessaloniki.



Renew-ables in schools

June 6, 2010

There is currently a powerful drive to put so-called ‘renewable’ energy technologies into schools. In this post I outline the UK government’s advice. The full 60 page report which spearheads the government’s thinking is available here, but this post should provide a critical introduction to the top-level policy thinking about this important issue.