Call for Papers for RGS-IBG session (28th – 30th August, London). Transport and energy: a roadblock to sustainability?

Please send abstracts to Robin Lovelace ( or Stewart Barr ( by 10th February at the latest:

Due to the depletion of easily accessible fossil fuels and associated environmental change, energy has become a major research focus in Geography and beyond. Although transport consumes roughly 1/3 of commercial energy supplies worldwide the sector has received relatively little attention from an energy perspective. Geographical explorations of energy are often focused on issues such as solar panels and domestic demand, despite the inherently geographical nature of transport and its dependence on the most rapidly depleting of our energy resources: oil. The energy that flows through transport systems is vital to connecting distant phenomena, yet remains invisible and poorly understood in most research. This session will provide a forum for discussion of transport and energy from a range of perspectives: from assessments of how muchenergy is currently used for different transport phenomena, through scenarios of future change as oil runs out, to interventions to increase resilience and reduce environmental impact. We envisage papers covering a range of scales (from household to national) and modes of analysis (economic, social and cultural). The session will thus illuminate the invisible energy flows powering our transport systems.

Submit your abstracts to Robin Lovelace ( or Stewart Barr ( by 10th February at the latest.


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