Ireland bicycle touring

Having never been to Ireland before, I jumped at the opportunity to stay in Dublin for 3 days for a conference on spatial microsimulation. But you need to get out of the big cities to really get to know a country. Bicycles are the cheapest, healthiest and most fun way to travel, so it was decided that this was the way to go. 4 of us hit the road in the end, heading from Dublin to Rosslare between the 20th and 22nd of May 2012. Below is an account of this epic mission.

Ready to roll in Dublin.

The trip from Holyhead to Dublin itself was  fun, a 3 hour mission from one tiny town to a massive city. Bikes are accepted on the service no problems, but you have to pay £10 extra.

Millenium bridge at Holyhead: bike friendly

Dublin is an interesting place, but not enough to hold us from hitting the road. Heading south there is a long, smooth bicycle path that was a pleasure to ride.

Decent sized bike lane south out of Dublin

Jon Shimwell heading South out of Dublin

Originally, a rough route was planned as follows:

Original route plan

However, due to amazing weather, we decided to hug the coast, swim and relax more, and pedal less! The final route we took (including jumps back to Sheffield when gps was turned off) can be found here at the amazing website.


2 Responses to “Ireland bicycle touring”

  1. psteckler Says:

    I have Ireland on my list of places to cycle, I’m envious.

    But — why are the pictures in black-and-white? For atmospheric effect?

    • robinlovelace Says:

      Yes, that and lower image size. It’s a great place to cycle: people are very friendly, they beep you to say “thanks” rather than the “I hate you!” beeps common in the UK. Good luck!

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