Open source: on-line publishing, software, data and journals

I’ve just done a talk as part of the post graduate forum, at Sheffield’s Geography department. Thanks to everyone who attended.

For the benefit of those who didn’t, and people who want links to the things mentioned, below is a brief summary and a list of links:

Ben Hennig kicked things of with an informative introduction to creating an presence on-line, based on his website His presentation can be found here.

My presentation was about open source. It described the reasons for a shift towards open source. It then dealt with open source programs, data and journals separately. Did you know that there are over 100 open source, peer reviewed academic journals, just on Geography! See here:

Anyway the talk is here.

For people interested in R, here are some good links thanks to Ben:

The free eBook which I find very good is The R Guide by WJ Owen. It can be downloaded here:

This is a good link to more free R-documentations:

And as an alternative to Mathlab I can highly recommend Octave:

Maybe useful to some who got more interested in the stuff today 🙂”

Regarding LaTeX, the amazing document creation language, google it, download a free program for it. Lyx seems to be a good one, that works on any operating system: I use Kile. To see the code used to make my presentation, for example, download this file and run the .tex file on your favourite LaTeX gui:

Finally, QGIS. I recommend any geographer to download it as it makes digital map making accessible:

So that’s it for now. Except one thing. A paper about the benefits of open source from the perspective of information justice.

All in all there is a movement towards open source computing, and Geography should embrace it.


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