Social Atomisation or Political Action

Companies succeed because there is a demand for their products.

When people have fulfilled their biological needs, the companies have reached the limit. 0 growth: You can’t force people to eat more potatoes, or to heat up their houses more if they’re already happy.

So what happens? To avoid stagnation of their businesses and more importantly, to avoid being taken over by larger, more aggressive companies, businesses produce advertising. 

In essence, these adverts are ways of tricking people into thinking they need something that they actually do not. Cosmetics is a classic example: People with low self esteem want to feel beautiful. Left in a clear communications environment, they would be free to decided what makes them feel good or bad. However, advertising offers them a quick fix solution; implying that the use of their product will make you look, and hence feel better.

The contradiction of this is obvious: If the person decided to do something else, such personal initiative (be it sports, music reading, change of diet) would be very likely to have a more positive impact upon the person than the use of the product that they are persuaded to buy in the advertising world.

Many people have realized that the majority of advertising merely tricks people into buying something that they don’t need. Wealthy people are being tricked into buying things we don’t actually need via the bombardment of ads.


Many people associated with this website seem to acknowledge this state of affairs and create spoof ads to counter the advertiser’s power. I admire such activity as a form of resistance against the dominant economic model of the world.

However, such behavior often has little impact as it represents many non-connected groups acting individually in their everyday lives (like me writing this blog, for example). Instead, I believe that politically elected national governments should control media coverage and act in favor of their people. Not only that but they should go back to the ‘bare necessities’ mentioned above as the priority for the people of their country.

This is where the problem gets political: What I think governments ‘should’ do has no influence on what they do do. The only way for someone to have an influence (other than through political activism) is for them to become politicized, engaging politicians or actually becoming a politician, without being corrupted.

Therefore I conclude that people who want to change the world, must get a grasp of politics to alter the thought-processes of existing politician. If not, we are condemned to a global empire of corporate mind control, conducted through an omnipresent advertising industry.

For me that means, use a bike, enjoy football, eat good food and don’t absorb mindless nonsense paid for by large-aggressive companies. Anyone else in my boat? Robin


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